Schools in Middle Village

Schools in our neighborhood worth Your attention!

PS/IS 49 located at 79-15 Penelope Avenue, is an elementary school with grades K to 8, PS/IS 49 also has Special Education Services.

PS 128 located at 69-10 65th Drive, is a VERY GOOD elementary and junior high with grades from K to 8.

PS/IS 87 located at 67-54 80th Street, is elementary and junior high with grades K to 8.

Our Lady of Hope  located at 61-21 71 Street, and St. Margaret located at 66-10 80th Street are two Catholic K-8 schools in the area.

Christ The King Regional High School located at 6802 Metropolitan Ave, is a private school. Nationally known as the home of the Royals Boy’s and Girl’s basketball teams.



Probably not many of us know a real history about our lovely neighborhood – Middle Village

Named due to its location midway between Williamsburg and Jamaica, Middle Village got its start in 1816 as part of the larger Newtown community.

It didn’t take off until burials were banned in Manhattan and churches bought farmland in the area for new cemeteries. Germans dominated the area and its cemetery businesses until Italian immigrants supplanted them in the 20th century.

In 1915 the Juniper Swamp was filled in, becoming Juniper Park and allowing for development of the surrounding area. Now Juniper Valley Park is a gem with 55 acres of baseball and soccer fields, a track, a roller-hockey rink, playgrounds, and courts for tennis, handball, and bocce. The track and a few fields are new and some of the best in Queens. Come by any day, even a cold Monday morning in October, to see how bocce is played by the pros.

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