Our Condolences to All of the Families of Newtown Tragedy

As we all know 4 days ago, there was a big tragedy that has happened in Newtown CT.

Christmas should be a merry season for all, unfortunetly this year Connecticut and New York are grieving. We all would like to give our condolences to the families that has lost their loved once.

The tragedy has touched every single one of us, innocent children were killed.

Mass murderer packing deadly firearms at Sandy Hook school carries out one of  the worst rampages in U.S. history. 20 lovely children that never got to expirience life were murrdered.

As of right now Newtown has returned its students to their classrooms. Tuesday for the first time since last week’s massacre and faced the agonizing task of laying others to rest, as this grieving town wrestled with the same issues gripping the country: violence, gun control and finding a way forward.

Our Condolences to ALL.




Choosing the right GIFT for the Holidays

Choosing the right GIFT for the Holidays is not as easy as we think!

I will give you 3 good hints on how to pick an amazing gift at any price!


At first just pay attention…see what is this person lacking that is very easy to get useful on every day bases BUT they just don’t have time to pay attention to such details.

Surprise them with something they always overlooked. Such as nice bracelet from the vendors in Soho, new wallet maybe even adorable phone case or a belt!

Buy a gift for their home..maybe a little rug for under the couch or bedroom, new towel set for the bathroom or electronic photo frame.

And final.. will make every individual happy! a Gift card to the spa…nails, hair for the ladies…and ofcourse EVERY MAN will enjoy a good massage!

Lets get to work… Time is ticking ! TICK TOCK Christmas is coming.





Hollidays in Middle Village

Holidays Are Almost HERE!

On Metropolitan Ave and all of our stores are slowly starting to bring up the Holiday atmosphere, and remind us about soon to come Christmas Celebration.

The Middle Village Chamber of Commerce and Middle Village Kiwanis cosponsored a Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony at United Methodist Church on Metropolitan Avenue Saturday evening, feel free to stop by.

Please be careful during the Holiday season, and plan your trips very carefully. Also if you decide to go away make sure you have your neighbor watch over your home.

PS. Do not forget to put your Christmas decorations around the house….but whats more important make sure we don’t forget about the Christmas Tree