Our Condolences to All of the Families of Newtown Tragedy

As we all know 4 days ago, there was a big tragedy that has happened in Newtown CT.

Christmas should be a merry season for all, unfortunetly this year Connecticut and New York are grieving. We all would like to give our condolences to the families that has lost their loved once.

The tragedy has touched every single one of us, innocent children were killed.

Mass murderer packing deadly firearms at Sandy Hook school carries out one of  the worst rampages in U.S. history. 20 lovely children that never got to expirience life were murrdered.

As of right now Newtown has returned its students to their classrooms. Tuesday for the first time since last week’s massacre and faced the agonizing task of laying others to rest, as this grieving town wrestled with the same issues gripping the country: violence, gun control and finding a way forward.

Our Condolences to ALL.




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